Follicle Stimulating Serum (1 Month Subscription)

$22.00 / month


Nourish the hair and scalp with this hair growth accelerator. Using the proprietary VA complex with a patented formula, plant based DHT blockers, and enzyme complexes, this potent serum helps strengthen weakened follicles while enriching the scalp with nutrients for healthy hair growth.

How To

Spray a few times onto scalp, morning and night for optimal results. Massage or comb into affected areas. Best used after PRODjin shampoo and conditioner. Can be used up to 5 times a day.


VA complex: Contains a patented formula along with a blend of plant extracts and peptides that increase hair growth during the anagen growth phase, thicken hair and strengthen hair follicles.

Chamomile Flower Oil: Anti-inflammatory agent soothes scalp and protects against further damage. Gives shine and nourishes the hair.

Inositol: Increases the lifespan of cells in the hair follicles

Coenzyme Q10: Rejuvenates aging hair follicles by increasing cells’ energy production and boosting the production of hair keratins

Castor Oil: Increases blood circulation on scalp and nourishes scalp with nutrient-rich fatty acids.

Apply Polyphenols: Stimulates the first stage of the anagen (growth) phase

Copper and Thymus Peptides: Unclogs pores, reduces scalp inflammation and thickens hair


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