Many men start to see signs of hair loss as early as age 20. By the age of 35, two-thirds of American men will experience some degree of hair loss. However, by 50, that percentage reaches 85%. While women lose hair at a slower rate than men, they still can suffer from hair loss and thinning as they age. In fact, 45% of American women will experience visible hair loss by the age of 40.

Problem and Solution

Stress, aging, disease, pollutants, poor nutrition and genetics cause hair loss. Although, PRODjin uses a multi-pronged approach to reverse the causes of these hair loss factors. This process is by lengthening the duration of the anagen growth cycle, blocking DHT production, increasing blood circulation, strengthening follicles and providing nutrition. It makes PRODjin the best anti hair loss shampoo out there.

Ingredients and Process of the Best Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

PRODjin combines a 7-step water purification system, potent plant extracts and the proprietary VA complex to stimulate and purify the scalp, add strength to the follicles, thicken the hair shaft, and add growth stimulants to the scalp. PRODjin creates the perfect scalp environment to help hair look and feel thicker, fuller and healthier within weeks.*

Why 7 step water purification?

We use a 7-step water purification system to create a virtual zero bacteria environment. As a result. we do not have to use harmful preservatives in the product, and the integrity of the ingredients are locked in for maximum potency.

*Actual results may vary

What is the VA complex?

VA complex contains a patented, proprietary formula of peptides and plant extracts scientifically proven to prolong the anagen (growth) phase and strengthen the hair follicle. However, the VA complex includes these star ingredients: Biotinyl-GHK: A vitamin bearing peptide scientifically proven to promote anchorage of the hair follicle (reduce hair fall) and strengthen the hair follicle. It has increased the growth rate by up to 121% Apigenin: A flavanoid extracted from citrus, apigenin scientifically proves to increase vasodilation (blood flow circulation) on the scalp. Oleanolic acid: Extracted from Olive leaf trees, oleanolic acid is scientifically proven to inhibit 5-α reductase. It is the precursor of DHT (the hair loss hormone)

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